Frequently Asked Questions for private guests of the Residenz Avalon

Guest rooms:

How many rooms are available?

In total we offer 3 guest rooms, each designed in a different colour theme (red, green or blue).

Is there a bathroom for each room?

There is a separated bathroom for the Room Deluxe, which is the red room, the other two Standard Rooms (green and blue) share one bathroom.

Is the kitchen completely equipped?

Yes. There should be everything you could imagine and certainly nothing missing. Tea and coffee are offered for free.

Are sheets and towels available?

Yes, for sure.

Is there W-LAN at the Residenz?

Yes, and for free! The key is provided at your arrival.


The basement vault and other places to play:

What size are the cells of the Residenz?

2,00 x 0,80 metres

Are there enough blankets and sheets for the basement cells?

At each basement cell you will find a mattress with a sheet cover, a pillow and enough blankets. These consist of jute or felt.

Is the basement heated well?

It is always approximately 22°Celsius (72°Fahrenheit), therefore definitely warm enough.

Can also the great hall be heated?

For a certain fee there is also the option to heat the great hall if you wish.

Is it possible to chain the slave in the cell?

In each cell there is a massive ring immured into the wall holding a metal chain of 1,20 m length to lock the slave into position.

In case of an emergency: How does the slave draw attention to himself?

In each cell and everythere else in the cages, there is an emergency button to ring a bell, which is heard in the first floor.

Is there a toilet for the slaves?

In each cell there is a bucket for every kind of small or big business. Furthermore you also find a simple sink and a watertoilet in the basement.

Is there a little light at night to stay orientated?

There is certainly a little light at night but you can also rest in complete darkness.

Is there an option for slaves to stay in absolute isolation and seclusion?

At the black hole there is complete darkness and silence.

Are the cells controlled by cameras?

Sorry, but due to privaty policity we had to reinstall the cameras cell control.

What is the hight of the basement vault?

1,90 metres.

Are there enough fastening hooks?

In almost every corner of the basement dungeon you will find multiple hooks and eyes for any kind of restriction.



What special equipment do you offer for playing?

In the basement there is an authentic interrogation room, a hole in the ground (with underfloor heating) for wet games, a cage to sit in, a rack, a confessional, a restriction cage.

The white room with the gynaecological chair is available for clinical fantasies and the authentic school room allows individual private lessons. At the boudoir you’ll find a a restriction bed, at the lounge there are several rollaway cages and at the upper studio area you’ll find a St.Andrew’s cross and a restriction table with an electric pulley system above.

Everywhere are various hooks and eyes for any kind of restriction and punishment bucks and another restriction table as well as a tilting cradle and many other in the great hall. For  pony play enthusiasts we offer exterior stables and various sulkies.

Do  we have to bring our own equipment?

We offer exclusively our SM – furniture. For our overnight guests we provide  some basic equipment for their use. These are: one pair of leather shackles for both hands and feet, four ropes, one cane and a soft paddle as well as one blindfold.

In any case it is recommended, that you bring your own equipment for your individual session.

Can any equipment for sessions be rented?

We will certainly try to satisfy any special wish, request or idea you have, but you might have to face a deposit or small fee.

If there are other guests at the Residenz, is it still possible to play intimately and have fun in private?

Yes, indeed. It is always a matter of communication. If you like to use one of the rooms without disturbance, please place the sign “Do not disturb.” at the door.

Is there socializing with other guests at the lounge?

Among the guests it is common to maintain a nice and respectful atmosphere of communication. If the right people meet, it can certainly also lead to more casual and relaxed conversations, and sometimes from that acquaintance even real friendships develop.

Is my slave / slave girl at any time in danger to be assaulted by other masters / mistresses?

No, definitely not. The right of possession is valid.

Do other guests feel offended, if my slave is naked?


How do I communicate, that I do not want to be disturbed?

By placing a sign at the door.

Can we take photos?

It is perfectly fine to take pictures for your private memory, if no other guests appear on the picture. If you are planning a professional photo shooting or like to publish pictures, it is necessary to ask and inform the operating ladies of the Residenz, Lady Marlon and Lady Mercedes.


Physical well-being:

Do you offer meals at the Residenz?

We can arrange special dinner whishes for a special occasion, but in general the Residenz is a self catering house with a very well equipped kitchen.

Can you recommend a delivery service?

Around the Residenz there are numerous pizza, sushi, Thai or Asian food services, that you can choose from.

Can we bring our own food as well?

Of course, you can also bring your own food. The kitchen is well equipped with a cooker, a microwave and a refrigerator.

Is there a food store nearby?

Within a (walking) distance of approximately 800 metres you will find a bakery as well as a supermarket, where you get everything for everyday life.

Do we have to bring beverages and drinks or can we buy these at the Residenz?

In the fridge at the lounge you will find cold beverages for a very reasonable price. You mark on a list, what you took and we will charge it before you leave.


Arrival and departure:

At what time can we arrive, when do we have to depart?

Ideally you arrive at 2 p.m. and leave the location around 12 a.m. If you arrive or departure sooner or later, you are certainly also welcome, but might have to wait a little bit until your room is ready to move in.

Are all premises and rooms explained to me?

You will always be personally welcomed by our team. Of course we will also take the time, to introduce you to the wonderful and various opportunities of the Residenz.

Is there the option to be picked up from the airport?

Since the airport Tegel is closed, the best way to reach us from the airport are the public transortation possibilities or by taxi. The taxi fee is about 50 Euro.

Where can I park my vehicle?

In front of the Residenz you will find parking space. If this space is occupied you also find enought parking space for free at the street.

On the pictures of the Residenz I saw a landing stage for boats. Can we also arrive by boat? Can we swim in the Havel river?

You are welcome to land at the landing stage with your boat, please let us know in advance, what size it is. The water of the river Havel is of good quality, so that it is always possible to take a refreshing bath. 

In case I have questions, is there a contact person to ask?

Lady Marlon or Lady Mercedes you can contact anytime by phone and  quite often they are around personally.

What can I do in case of emergency?

In any case of emergency or acute life-threatening situation the ambulance MUST be called. You will find the telephone number at the kitchen cupboard. There is also an emergency case at the clinics, where you will find a respiratory mask and bag, a spray for use in case of an asthma attack, an antiallergic agent, multiple dressing and bandages as well as ice packs. Ordinary ambulatory recordings are also possible, such as the control of  blood pressure and pulse rate or a blood glucose monitoring.

Case of emergency: The key is lost:

In the basement next to the lockers you will find a bolt cutter in case you lost your key.


General information, leisure time, cultural activities, shopping a.o.

Where can I dine nicely, find exciting fetish wear, have a bizarre night out?

For these questions you will find lots of information at your room and can certainly always ask us.



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